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mirrors. Additional guest comf hublot replica innovation and the letter" D "abbreviated form of development at the same time, because this is the first version of this series it gets ID One 'names. Honestly, I really like the new unique model, I decided to share with you and I hope you will like it too.Now, let's take a look at one of the project ID. The difference is that the former is a classic watches, Cartier ID One is the collective wisdom of achievement, not just a designer. New watch case and movement of materials, although the pattern is successful classic blue sky. Set in Brooklyn style watch case. Carbon crystal diamond material is very hard, which effectively makes the escapement oil. But the watch does not need any adjustment! To the watch industry, ID is really a big breakthrough. Former watch, it is more durable, more intelligent. Meanwhile, the most important is the unique ID of a watch shaped like the top two axes, and to give more protection, especially in the case of bad watches.We should admit, Cartier is truly able to create a very


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