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l honored. RELATEDGr : We collect all the heavy glass items, and place it in the container.Verbal cues B: What items heavier, plastic or glass?Objective 3: To introduce the concept of 110 numbersVerbal cues: Let's count the number of paper items.Verbal cues B: breitling replica Let's count the number of glass items.Kids will have fun while learning important cognitive skills, such as sorting, relationships and classification. In addition, the children will learn watches audemars piguet the importance of taking care of our planet and its precious resources through recycling, reduction and reuse projects. Kindergarten lesson plans For more information, see the online preschool lesson plans.Preschool ScienceAdobe: collect samples of topsoil, sand, clay, gravel, and dry leaves and grass. Use plastic storage containers brick mold. Create different recipes and ingredients, stir together brick batter. Each mixture was poured into a brick mold, the composition of each container labeling. Allow the mixture was dried in the sun for two days. Popular brick molds and observe the

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